Forming a Chapter

The forming of a local chapter affords the opportunity for more contact with colleagues and adds weight for action on behalf of those concerned at both local and provincial levels. Any interested group of Learning Assistance Teachers may form a chapter. The majority of local Learning Assistance Teachers in your chapter should have membership in the provincial specialist association of LATA.

Steps to be taken:

  1. Inform your local PD chairperson.
  2. Inform the provincial LATA President who serves as the chapter co-ordinator for the BCTF's Learning Assistance Teachers' Association. The president or any member of the provincial executive can help you in the organization of your chapter, if you so desire.
  3. Forward your constitution and a list of your executive officers to the provincial LATA President. This will constitute your official LATA chapter status.

Responsibilities to the Provincial Association (PSA):

As a local chapter, you should:

  • encourage membership in LATA and stay informed provincially through LATA publications, such as "The Vital Link" (sent to LATA members twice a year) and the LATA "President's Bulletin" (printed as needed);
  • keep the LATA president informed of concerns and pertinent changes in learning assistance in your school district; and
  • relay information to your local membership as you receive it from the provincial LATA president.

Responsibilities of the Provincial Association (PSA):

The Provincial Association (PSA) commits to the responsibility of keeping the local chapter (LSA) informed and updated:

  1. through our president;
  2. through our publications "The Vital Link" and "President's Bulletin"; and
  3. through our professional development opportunities.

LATA encourages chapter networking, education, and involvement between the local LATA chapters and the provincial LATA association. To facilitate this process, LATA will provide a designated sum of money toward a local chapter president or a chapter representative attending the provincial LATA AGM, which is held in October each year.

Please contact us using our contact form for support in setting up your local LATA chapter.